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Boltpower Organized To Carry Out The Work Of Appraisal Of The Vocational Skill Level Of Technicians.

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In order to continuously improve the skill level of employees, cultivate high-quality skilled talents, promote the construction of technical talents echelon, and provide enterprises with continuous and high-quality technical talents, Boltpower has recently organized and carried out the evaluation of technical workers' vocational skills.

The company organizes a technician rank evaluation and evaluation team for evaluation, adopts the principle of open selection, and combines professional theoretical written examinations with on-site practical examinations to ensure that the examinations are fair, just, true and effective.  


The reference employees from different processes in the production workshop were well prepared and earnestly tested, showing a high level of theory and practice.  Passing the exam standardized the operation process and improved the work skills.



The vocational skills appraisal test focuses on theoretical foundation, highlights ability orientation, strengthens performance contribution, and conducts comprehensive evaluation.  After the theoretical examination is over, under the premise of not affecting the production task, reasonable arrangements will be made according to the actual production situation, and the skill practice operation examination will be organized in batches.  Practical operation is the core part of the vocational skill test for technicians. The evaluation team is rigorous and orderly from the drafting of the test questions to the practical evaluation, which fully reflects the seriousness and fairness of the vocational skill test. 


Boltpower has always insisted on taking vocational skill appraisal as an important means to improve the skill level of the company's frontline employees.  Established training and promotion channels for skilled talents from first-level technicians to eighth-level technicians, assistant engineers, engineers/supervisors, senior engineers/managers, and took skill appraisal and assessment as an important measure to promote the company's human resource management and cultivate high-skilled talents  , Incorporating vocational skills appraisal work into the company’s overall strategy for human resource development is closely related to the company’s production development, technological progress, and industrial upgrading. It has become an important way for the company to reserve human resources, laying a foundation for improving the overall quality of the company’s employees and improving their skills.  It has established a solid foundation and provided a solid talent guarantee for the realization of the company’s vision and strategic goals.


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