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Boltpower won the "2013 Enterprise Excellence Award"

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In October 2013, Boltpower was invited to participate in the 2013 Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition. The domestic mainstream manufacturers, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce, and some foreign traders gathered together to witness the glory of China's new energy companies. In fact, after years of careful management and strategizing, boltpower has steadily risen in the new energy industry of the automobile industry and achieved great success. It has won recognition from the industry.

At this awards ceremony, the car power supply boltpower X5 and the car emergency mobile power supply D18 design is unique and novel, and won the award for excellence. Boltpower won the "2013 Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition Enterprise Excellence Award".

It is reported that the Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition is one of the most well-known, most influential and most significant large-scale industrial design competitions in the domestic industrial design field. The event was jointly hosted by the Dongguan Municipal People's Government of Guangdong Province and the China Industrial Design Association. The Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, Dongguan Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Dongguan Intellectual Property Office, Guangdong University of Technology and Guangdong Huanan Industrial Design Institute were specially organized. Its impartiality and professionalism are widely recognized.

The “2013 Corporate Excellence Award” honors the industry's recognition of Super star's international products and services, and also encourages Boltpower to continue to work hard in the industry competition in 2014, to exert its influence in the industry and expand its strong sales channels. More car owners, push the car emergency power supply upgrades, put the R & D strength to promote the national new energy and early industrialization, for the occupants to "safe start, all the way to accompany" escort! Independent technology, enjoy life! Boltpower A new chapter in the Year of the Horse, a welcome start is a solid first step!


Boltpower specialized in developing and manufacturing Emergency(special) power supply and intelligent energy storage power supply. It is the pioneer of high power and high safety in the industry and the largest manufacturers in the world.



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