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Eight Characteristics of the Boltpower Emergency Power Supply

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The Boltpower emergency power supply has many features, which are summarized as follows:

1, high security: the use of rare earth in the battery has the characteristics of no fire under the harsh conditions, no blasting, all the way, so that you have no worries.

2, mini compact, easy to bring: is equal to 1/5 of the standard lead-acid battery, the weight is only 500 grams, is a self-driving tour, outdoor sports, daily essentials.

3, easy to launch: can drive the car more than 30 times in succession, can still start when the power is less than 20%.

4, strong LED lighting system: with general lighting, SOS distress signal, glare flashing and other functions.

5, Boltpower mobile power: can supply a variety of digital electronic goods charging support.

6, large capacity: up to 12000MAH battery capacity, can be connected to the iPhone, for charging 4-5 times.

As shown in Figure 7, the number of longevity: the cycle life is up to 3,000 times or more.

8, high temperature resistance: goods can be stored at a high temperature of 60 ° C for a long time.

Instructions for the use of goods:

1. Select the appropriate voltage and connector to charge/power the electronic equipment.

2.After the device is connected to the EPOWER, press the switch to supply power immediately; unplug the cable and take the initiative to sleep within one minute.


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