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He Baoxiang Vice Governor Research Hunan Boltpower

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On July 9, He Baoxiang, vice governor of Hunan Province, went to Hunan Boltpower for investigation. Chen Xianchun, deputy Secretary-General of the provincial government, Liang Yiheng, secretary of the Party Group of The Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Wang Tingkai, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce and other officials participated in the investigation.Liu Fei, Secretary of Loudi Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of The Municipal People's Congress, Fang Jianrong, Member of The Standing Committee of Loudi Municipal Party Committee and secretary General, And Zhao Yingliang, deputy mayor of Loudi, accompanied by others

1     He Baoxiang vice governor and his party have a comprehensive understanding of the general's core products, core technologies and core projects, and inquired in detail about the business status of the enterprise.Chairman of Boltpower Liu Yankai reported that Boltpower seized the opportunity under the epidemic situation, and the order volume increased instead of decreasing, with a 35% increase in personnel compared with last year. The production of high-power aluminum-rich lithium production line will be fully increased in July, and two fast-charging battery PACK production lines will be formally put into operation. The company has been comprehensively increasing recruitment efforts to ensure that production needs are met.


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    Liu Yankai said that in response to the government's call during the epidemic, Boltpower established Hunan Boltpower Guokang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to help the global epidemic prevention and control.In the next stage, relying on the advantage of "6-minute ultra-fast charging" of high-power power supply, we will build a "micro-transportation" public energy operating system and launch the "Lighting Africa" project of home energy storage power supply to meet the demand of households in African countries.


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    Vice Governor He Baoxiang spoke highly of General Dian's courage to shoulder social responsibilities, stressing that we should seize the opportunity, increase the scientific research and investment in the project of "micro transportation" public energy operation system, increase publicity and promotion, expand the popularity and influence, play a good market card, and promote the development of enterprises.

1He pointed out that in many African countries, the electricity supply rate is low and it is a big problem for households to use electricity.It is believed that with the launch of Boltpower's "Lighting Up Africa" project, home energy storage power will effectively improve the living standards of African residents and contribute to the friendly relations between China and Africa.


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