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In 2015, BOLTPOWER cooperated with Pacific Insurance,Start Global Strategy and take International Brand Responsibility

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In recent years, there has been a popular saying on the Internet: bank cards still have money, mobile phones have electricity, and people's sense of security will be enhanced.

In today's increasingly developed automobile industry, it has almost reached the ideal point of a car in each family. Imagine if the car has no electricity, can't start, and is eager to go to work or take a hurry to go home in a remote place, you will feel safe. ?

The answer is obvious, no. The lack of power is the embarrassment that most car drivers will encounter, especially the car owners and self-driving tourists who often run sports cars. Therefore, for them, it is very necessary to buy a car jump starter in case of emergency. This also means that the emergency start power has become an auto parts business opportunity.

BOLTPOWER car starts power supply into the European and American auto parts market "new star"

According to informed sources, in the near future, BOLTPOWER car start-up power is highly favored by car owners in the European and American auto parts market, and brand awareness and influence are increasing.

Today, based on the sales in Europe and the United States, BOLTPOWER has also opened a special brand sales platform in the offline Wal-Mart supermarkets and online Amazon Amazon platforms in the United States. Car owners, auto parts companies and self-driving tourists from all over the world can buy Boltpower’s start power supply in different platform. Being able to attract the attention of the international auto parts market and consumers in a short period of time has undoubtedly confirmed the advantages of BOLTPOWER starting power supply. But the reason why consumers really love the car to start the power supply, I am afraid it is not the only reasons.

Cooperation with Pacific Insurance, Start Global Strategy, Shows the power supply quality and brand protection

According to the data provided by the BOLTPOWER market, the quality and price of the starting power supply of most car owners and auto parts cities are obviously unbalanced. Some car starting power supplies even appear to be apparently scrapped in less than two weeks. This inferior behavior greatly damages the rights and interests of auto parts consumers.

In this regard, Liao Yuefei, general manager of Dongguan Superstar Battery Co., Ltd. expressed strong indignation in an interview with reporters. "A truly conscience enterprise is to truly satisfy the needs of consumers, rather than relying on the means of abduction to satisfy their own money. Benefits are needed." It is reported that in order to meet the car start-up needs of the car family, the research and development team of Dongguan Superstar Battery Co., Ltd. has developed the BOLTPOWER car start-up power supply, and has reached a strategic cooperation with Pacific Insurance Global on the basis of quality assurance. At the same time, it participated in the global reinsurance of Swiss Re. Product liability insurance, a single $2 million, up to $5 million.

It is worth mentioning that Pacific Insurance has cooperated with boltpower. In addition to the brand quality of the BOLTPOWER car start-up power supply, there is also the inherent design and offline sales capability of the car start-up power supply. This is why Boltpower is able to quickly collaborate with Swiss Re.

Perhaps you will be curious, Boltpower General and the Pacific Insurance Global strategic cooperation, and direct contact with auto parts consumer rights?

"A strategic cooperation with Pacific Insurance Global means that every electric general brand car that we sell will receive quality insurance. That is, consumers will find quality problems within the warranty time after purchasing our car emergency start power. In case of accident, certain insurance compensation can be obtained, up to 30 million yuan," Liao Yuefei, general manager of Dongguan Superstar Battery Co., Ltd. said in an interview.

Using quality to prove the brand strength, and using intensive insurance strategic cooperation to ensure product quality, Boltpower Electric General has demonstrated the international brand style with product quality and brand protection!...


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