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Kyushu Event: Grand Opening Of Asia's Largest Car Modification ExhibitionKyushu Event: Grand Opening Of Asia's Largest Car Modification Exhibition

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This is a grand event for smart travel and car modification industry. Whether you are a consumer or a business, this grand event that directly faces the source of manufacturers is worth looking forward to.


                                                                                               Electric general booth 3D renderings

This exhibition is also known by the industry as the largest auto modification service industry exhibition in Asia, and it is the "weathervane of China's automotive aftermarket industry."

This exhibition will also bring together four new industries: new products, new technologies, new formats, and new models! The Electric General Group will bring the latest products and technologies to show guests from all over the world in a new attitude.

Family members of the electric general made an appearance

At this exhibition, General Electric will bring three series of family members to meet Chinese and foreign guests:

Series 1: Car emergency starting power supply.

This series of products have functions such as one-key starting of automobiles, engineering vehicles, tractors, and motorcycles.


                                                                                        Application scenarios of car emergency power supply

It also supports emergency power consumption of digital electronic products such as IOS/Andriod mobile phones, notebooks, digital cameras, USB lighters, Bluetooth tripods, air pumps, tire pressure detectors, etc.

After years of development, Boltpower has now become a professional automobile emergency starter power supplying manufacturing based with a larger scale, more models and complete functions in the world.


Series 2: Portable smart energy storage power supply.

It is suitable for home emergency power backup, outdoor travel, emergency rescue, field work and other applications.


                           Smart energy storage power supply application scenes

The advantages of this type of product are multiple voltage output, intelligent safety protection, easy to carry, and can also be used as a car emergency starting power supply.

Series 3: KN95, forehead temperature gun and other epidemic prevention materials.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, General Electric has established an independent brand of "Marshal Kang" epidemic prevention materials through continuous independent innovation and research and development.


                                                        "Marshal Kang" series of epidemic prevention materials

"Marshal Kang" medical and anti-epidemic products have obtained FDA, EU CE, NB2163, SGS, TUV, Dekai certification, EAC and other complete certification qualifications with the product service concept of "high quality, high standards, and high requirements". The products have obtained Unanimous praise from Chinese and foreign customers.

At present, it can supply large quantities of medical protective masks, KN95, disposable medical masks, forehead thermometers, infrared thermal imaging thermometers, AI face recognition terminal devices and other products to the world.

A giant in the new energy storage industry

General Electric has three major R&D and manufacturing bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hunan. Among them, the super factory of Hunan Electric General's aluminum-rich lithium battery covers an area of 300 acres and has a total investment of 2.78 billion yuan. It is a key construction project in Hunan Province and Loudi City with an annual output. 1.2 billion AH high-power safety lithium battery.


Electric General insists on innovation-driven, the company brand BOLTPOWER has been widely promoted to the global market, the sales network covers Europe, the United States, Australia, East Asia and other countries and regions, and the products cover the world.

What the world needs, General Electric will make!


Boltpower specialized in developing and manufacturing Emergency(special) power supply and intelligent energy storage power supply. It is the pioneer of high power and high safety in the industry and the largest manufacturers in the world.



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