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The Hunan Boltpower Was Awarded 2020 China's Leading Brand Of Two-Wheeled Vehicle Soft Pack Lithium Battery Technology

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- Sep 25, 2020-


Recently, the second China (Lithium) Electric Bicycle Industry Ecological Conference and Light Power Lithium Battery Technology Summit Forum with the theme of "New Thinking, New Model, New Technology and New Ecology" was successfully held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The conference forum invited guests from the China Bicycle Association to gather more than 1,000 large domestic electric bicycle manufacturers, shared battery swaps, BMS protection boards, lithium batteries and materials and equipment, and two-wheeled vehicles and lithium battery industry chain segmentation leading enterprises to gather together. , Centering on the development of the lithium battery industry in 2020, exchange and diverge new ideas in the industry, explore new development models, share cutting-edge new technologies, and integrate the two rounds of new ecology of lithium batteries.



The Hunan Boltpower was invited to participate in the conference and won the "2020 China Leading Brand of Soft Pack Lithium Battery Technology for Two-wheeled Vehicles". At present, my country's electric vehicle market is mainly composed of electric mopeds, electric motorcycles and electric bicycles. The first two categories account for 60% of the market share. Electric vehicles have unique development conditions and broad application prospects in China, which have created special market advantages for the development of China's electric vehicle technology. With the lead-acid replacement trend and the promotion of the new national standard, China's lithium batteries for two-wheel vehicles are in a period of rapid development. Data shows that in 2015, China's lithium battery shipments for two-wheel vehicles were only 879MWh, which has risen to 5450MWh may bring a 100 billion-level market for lithium batteries. For lithium battery companies, there are huge opportunities and challenges.


Boltpower specialized in developing and manufacturing Emergency(special) power supply and intelligent energy storage power supply. It is the pioneer of high power and high safety in the industry and the largest manufacturers in the world.



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