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The Kyushu Exhibition Ended Successfully

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On July 12, the grand event of the Kyushu Exhibition in the automobile industry came to a successful conclusion!


As Asia's largest smart travel, auto modification and auto service industry ecological exhibition, it is an important exhibition held after the Chinese nation overcomes the covid-19, and it is also the only comprehensive exhibition held in the industry every year.


Because this exhibition shoulders the important mission of fully recovering the trillion-level market in the automotive industry chain, it has attracted the attention of the entire industry. The Boltpower Group, as a brand enterprise in the automotive emergency power supply industry, is invited to participate in this exhibition!


The three members of the Boltpower family who went out this time performed well at the exhibition.


1,Jump stater: the rescue team of the car modification exhibition

As the leading product series of the Boltpower, the jump starter has encountered many major car companies urgently asking for help at the scene.
Rescue time after time is the trust to the Boltpower, and it is a high recognition of the superior performance of the product! At the same time, the Boltpower selfless rescue operation once again explained our corporate culture to the market: to illuminate and warm every corner of the world!


2,Energy storage power supply: power bank for new energy vehicles


In the context of the country's vigorous development of new energy vehicles, more and more people choose to use new energy vehicles. If the products can provide convenience for car charging, it will greatly promote the implementation of various national policies on the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

At the exhibition site, one of the energy storage product series: home energy storage power supplies, has made Chinese and foreign guests have a strong interest in it, and they have stopped for detailed consultation! This product is vividly called " Electric car power bank " by people in the automobile industry, which can provide emergency rescue charging for cars.

In addition, this " Electric car power bank " also supports the use of photovoltaic panels to convert solar thermal energy into electrical energy for storage, providing humans with a better low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle!


3," Electric car power bank " also has a group of "little brothers"-portable energy storage power supply!


Products with different capacities can provide diversified choices for people's lives! The energy storage series products use high-safety aluminum-rich lithium technology and are widely used in outdoor travel, home emergency power backup, emergency disaster relief, and field work. The energy storage series products will be a major outlet for the new energy storage industry in the future. Many visitors to the exhibition also smelled this business opportunity and left their contact information, hoping to further discuss cooperation in the Boltpower production base!


4,The new scenery of the exhibition: unmanned thermometer

7-1 The anti-epidemic materials produced by the Boltpower will also join the participating teams at the Kyushu Exhibition this time! For the unmanned thermometers placed at the front desk of the booth, the passing exhibitors stopped to test one after another. I appreciate this product's ability to free the hands of epidemic prevention heroes and provide it with higher safety and convenience!

In this exhibition, in addition to the full market gains, we also received in-depth feedback from our customers on the products of the Boltpower Group. The R&D team and manufacturing base can further iterate products and continue to provide more in-depth and warm services to users around the world!


Boltpower specialized in developing and manufacturing Emergency(special) power supply and intelligent energy storage power supply. It is the pioneer of high power and high safety in the industry and the largest manufacturers in the world.



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