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Warm Celebration: Boltpower Guokang Medical Included In The White List, Marshal Kang Sailing

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July 10 was a happy day for the boltpower and the happiest day for "Marshal Kang".After more than four months of unremitting efforts, Hunan Boltpower Guokang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was finally included in the list of Medical Material Manufacturers Certified Or Registered With Foreign Standards by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicine and Health Products, which is also the "White List" of exports with the highest "White List".This marks that "Marshal Kang" from now on, can sail to the world!

    Recall the hardships along the way, our Boltpower will be full of pride

    In the face of the once-in-a-century epidemic, Liu Yankai, chairman of General Electric Group, actively responded to the government's call and quickly established Hunan Boltpower Guokang Medical Equipment Co., LTD., which urgently produced masks, thermos guns and other anti-epidemic materials to establish the brand Marshal Kang".

    In February, "Marshal Kang" forehead temperature gun production, towards the market.

    In March, 100,000 square meters of sterile, dust-free medical mask production workshop was completed and put into use, with the daily production capacity of "Marshal Kang" masks exceeding 1 million.

    On May 6, Hunan Boltpower Guokang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was listed in the "List Of Key Material Manufacturers For Epidemic Prevention And Control In Hunan Province" by Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the brand "Marshal Kang" was recognized and supported by the provincial government.

    On July 10, Hunan Boltpower Guokang Medical Equipment Co., LTD was added to the export "White List".At this point, hunan general electric China kang medical instrument co., LTD with the marshal "Marshal Kang" brand disposable surgical masks to export all qualification and certification: business license, medical equipment production license, registration certificate of medical equipment, medical equipment business registration certificate, a foreign trade operator for the record registration form, the customs import and export goods to the consignee or consignor filing receipt, TUV certification, CE certification, SGS certification, Russia EAC authentication, American FDA certificate.

微信图片_20200713143024    We firmly believe that: under the leadership of Liu Yankai, chairman of general electric Group, relying on the strenuous efforts of all the soldiers, braves the wind and waves of "Marshal Kang", will go further and further!The national health and medical care, we will be better and better!General electric will create another brilliant future!!



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