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What is QDSP?
QDSP is the start-up power technology developed by BOLTPOWER Electric General. The start-up power supply equipped with QDSP technology is called the third-generation start-up power supply.

The core of QDSP technology: through the battery core / assembly structure subversive innovation, reduce the starting temperature rise, balance the temperature difference of the battery core, improve the safety start ability.

  The starting capacity is increased by 3-5 times: compared with the previous generation, the starting capacity of the same watt-hour (capacity) is increased by 3-5 times, that is, the starting capacity is increased by 3-5 times.

 The low-temperature start-up effect is doubled: due to the startup power boost, the QDSP technology series products have greatly improved the ability to start the car at low temperatures. The previous generation of products has a weak start-up capability below zero, and QDSP truly achieves ultra-low temperature start-up capability.

 Super security escort: all QDSP technology series products are equipped with dedicated QDSP intelligent clips, and equipped with alarm and various protection modes: from short circuit, reverse connection, reverse charging, over discharge and other comprehensive protection products to ensure products The process is safer.

 Fast charge and discharge more efficient: all QDSP technology series products are equipped with QC3.0, TYPEC fast charge and release function, to cater to mainstream digital (mobile tablet game consoles, etc.) products. A new life, set off on this.


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